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👉 This Substack is for people who are curious, like to learn, and want to grow.

This blog seeks to encourage, enlighten and entertain—usually in that order. I strive to help you connect to yourself, to your community and to the world around us.

🎯 What is the focus?

In this blog, I focus on topics that are interesting and meaningful to me.

Here are some of the themes we may engage with:

  1. Better: design and usability

  2. Built Environment: architecture, urban planning, and the built environment

  3. Business: branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, and strategy

  4. Community: how to build community as an adult

  5. Creativity: writing and photography

  6. Discoveries: learnings and insights

  7. Experiences: travel, nature, and everyday life

  8. Media: impactful books, films and music

  9. Personal Development: leadership, productivity

  10. Technology: web, apps and privacy

If any of these resonate with you, I encourage you to subscribe!

If you’d like to read a sample first, select one of the themes above or see the top issues.

🤚 What can you expect?

Honesty. Integrity. Sincerity. A genuine desire to share insights, observations and learnings from my lived experience and original research. A receptiveness to your feedback and comments.

🔗Links to original sources when possible.

Who is Bryce?

Bryce at Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah, USA. © 2021.

I’m Bryce Payne, a student, teacher, entrepreneur, investor, technologist, traveler, writer, photographer and optimist. Learn more about me.

I have been contributing to the web since 1995 and have blogged for many years. I started this blog on Substack in January 2023 to provide a space for me to think, to write, and to share with you.

I believe life is a team sport and none of us have all the answers. In my own life, I have learned much from others and hope that others may benefit from what I have to share here.

When not working, I enjoy being outside, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and taking pictures.

Newsletter logistics

💌 What’s included?

  • Each issue generally focuses on one theme or topic and is designed so that you can read it in a few minutes.

  • I strive to include a themed media embed each week, highlighting a song, a TV show, movie or other bit of content that I think you would benefit from.

  • Community is also a feature of this blog and subscribers have the ability to contribute (thoughtful) reactions and impressions and connect with others in the subscriber chat.

📆 When is it published?

  • Weekly: new issues are published Saturday mornings (Pacific Time, GMT-8).

There may be bonus issues from time to time but the core promise is 1x/weekly.

📖 How long is an issue?

Issues are organic and length is variable.

That said, I respect your time and attention and strive to make most issues focused enough that you can read relatively quickly (~2-5 minutes).

I’m a big believer in the two minute rule and know how I feel when articles are much longer than that — I save them to Pocket rather than reading in the moment.

📑 How are issues formatted?

Issues are formatted to be easy to read and incorporate relevant visuals and media embeds when it helps the presentation.

This may continue to evolve over time and I welcome any feedback you may have now or in the future. ✉ hello@bryces.blog.

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Something I say just might create a spark inside of you. Inspire you. Encourage you. Motivate you. To do that thing. That you’ve been wanting to do. That you’ve been meaning to do. That you’ve been scared to do. Together, we can learn. We can laugh. We can live better.

Imagine the community we could create together over time. Each committed to being honest, bringing our best selves, sharing our challenges, insights and wisdom, nudging and nurturing one another with the best of intentions to become the best version of ourselves.

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For people who are curious, like to learn, and want to grow: one person's search for the through line to life.


Student 📚, teacher 👨‍🏫, entrepreneur💡, investor 💲, technologist 💻, traveler ✈️, writer ✍️, photographer 📷, and optimist 📈